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Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that perform specific actions within a software application. Instead of relying solely on mouse clicks and menu selections, keyboard shortcuts allow users to execute commands quickly and effortlessly. In SketchUp, mastering keyboard shortcuts can significantly enhance productivity and fluidity in your modeling tasks.

Why Use Keyboard Shortcuts in SketchUp?

  1. Speed and Efficiency: With keyboard shortcuts, you can perform common actions with minimal effort and in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods. This speed advantage becomes particularly valuable during complex modeling tasks or tight project deadlines.
  2. Precision and Control: Keyboard shortcuts enable precise control over SketchUp’s tools and functions, allowing you to manipulate objects, navigate the viewport, and apply modifications with accuracy and finesse.
  3. Reduced Hand Movement: By minimizing reliance on mouse movements and menu navigation, keyboard shortcuts can help reduce hand strain and fatigue, promoting long-term comfort and productivity during extended modeling sessions.
  4. Improved Focus: With keyboard shortcuts, you can maintain focus on your design without interruption. Eliminating the need to shift attention between the modeling area and menu options enhances concentration and workflow continuity.

Essential SketchUp Keyboard Shortcuts

Hide Rest of ModelShift + H
PanCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + Middle Mouse Button
OrbitMiddle Mouse Button
ZoomScroll Wheel or Ctrl (Cmd) + Middle Mouse Button
Rectangle ToolR
Line ToolL
Tape MeasureT
Paint BucketB
Follow MeCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + F
Zoom ExtentsShift + Z
Zoom WindowZ
UndoCtrl (Cmd) + Z
RedoCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + Z
Hide OthersCtrl (Cmd) + H
Undo HideCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + H
Components DialogG
Layers DialogCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + L
Materials DialogCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + B
Entity Info DialogCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + I
Outliner DialogCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + O
Preferences DialogCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + ,
Section PlaneCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + X
Hide Section PlanesCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + Y
Hidden Geometry ToggleCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + G
Tags (Visibility)Ctrl (Cmd) + Shift + T
AxesCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + L
ShadowsCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + S
Photo MatchCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + P
InstructorCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + I
WalkCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + W
Look AroundCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + Q
InspectCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + C
ScenesCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + S
Sandbox ToolsCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + B
StylesCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + Y
SunCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + O
FogCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + F
WatermarkCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + W
Section CutsCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + X
Generate ReportCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + R
Add LocationCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + A
Field of ViewCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + V
Reset Field of ViewCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + R
Position CameraCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + P
Lock CameraCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + L
2D Face Me ComponentCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + G
3D Face Me ComponentCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + G
Create ComponentCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + C
Interact with ModelCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + T
Add Leader TextCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + T
Add DimensionCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + D
Add Section PlaneCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + P
Add Section Cut FaceCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + F
Send to LayoutCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + L
Send to 3D PrintCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + E
Print PreviewCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + P
Model InfoCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + M
PreferencesCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + ,
ExtensionsCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + E
Extension WarehouseCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + W
Check LicenseCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + C
Component OptionsCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + O
Dynamic ComponentsCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + D
Solid ToolsCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + S
StylesCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + L
Match PhotoCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + M
ReportCtrl (Cmd) + Shift + R


In the dynamic world of 3D modeling, efficiency is key. By mastering SketchUp’s keyboard shortcuts, you can unlock a new level of speed, precision, and control in your design endeavors. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice enthusiast, integrating keyboard shortcuts into your workflow can revolutionize the way you create and innovate in SketchUp. So why wait? Start mastering your shortcuts today and elevate your modeling experience to new heights.

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