30 Amazing Plugins for Sketchup (FREE and PAID)

In the world of 3D modeling, SketchUp stands as a powerhouse, empowering designers, architects, and hobbyists alike to bring their visions to life. But what truly sets SketchUp apart is its vibrant ecosystem of plugins, offering an array of tools and functionalities to streamline workflows and enhance creativity. In this comprehensive guide, we unveil the 50 best SketchUp plugins that will revolutionize the way you work, from modeling and rendering to animation and beyond.

Plugin NameFunctionPriceDownload Link
FredoscaleScale modelingFreeDownload
JointPushPullAdvanced push/pullFreeDownload
Soap Skin & BubbleOrganic shape modelingFreeDownload
Artisan Organic ToolsetSculpting toolset$39.99Download
CurviloftSurface creationFreeDownload
V-Ray NextRenderingPaid (Varies)Download
Twilight RenderHigh-quality renderingFree/PaidDownload
EnscapeReal-time renderingPaid (Varies)Download
SU PodiumPhoto-realistic renderingPaid ($198)Download
Lumion LiveSync for SketchUpReal-time syncFreeDownload
Eneroth Upright ExtruderFace extrusionFreeDownload
SketchUp STLSTL exportFreeDownload
1001Bit ToolsArchitectural tools$59.95Download
Vertex ToolsVertex manipulation$20.00Download
SketchUp to Blender ExporterExport to BlenderFreeDownload
SketchUp Architect ToolsArchitectural tools$39.99Download
PlaceMakerCity & landscape generatorPaid ($299)Download
Profile Builder 3Parametric assembliesPaid ($299)Download
Skalp2D documentationPaid ($99)Download
SketchUp Instant Road NuiRoad generationPaid ($35)Download
Keyframe AnimationAnimation$49.00Download
SimLab Composer IntegrationInteractive 3D PDFsFree Trial/PaidDownload
SketchFXArtistic effectsFree Trial/PaidDownload
Walkabout3dReal-time walkthroughsFree Trial/PaidDownload
SketchUcation Plugin StorePlugin libraryFreeDownload
SketchUp ShopWeb-based SketchUp$119/yearDownload
SkatterScatter pluginPaid ($39.99)Download
QuadFace ToolsTopology toolsetFree/PaidDownload
s4u Make FaceFace creationFreeDownload
TrueBendPrecise bending tool$20.00Download
WeldVertex weldingFreeDownload
ClothWorksCloth simulationPaid ($125)Download
FlexToolsParametric componentsPaid ($20/month)Download
­čöąCleanUp3Model optimizationFreeDownload
ThomThom Selection ToysSelection toolsFreeDownload
MirrorMirror toolFreeDownload
Eneroth Visual MergeMerge components visuallyFreeDownload
Solid Inspector┬▓Solid model analysisFreeDownload
CleanUp┬│Cleanup extensionFreeDownload
Eneroth Align FaceAlign faces in SketchUpFreeDownload
Skalp for SketchUpSection toolPaid ($99)Download
ArtisanSculpting and paintingPaid ($39.99)Download
TransmutrConvert 3D modelsPaid ($99)Download
V-Ray VisionReal-time visualizationFreeDownload
Eneroth EdgeInspectorEdge inspection toolFreeDownload
Instant Road NuiRoad creation toolPaid ($35)Download
­čöąClothWorksCloth simulationPaid ($125)Download

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