How to cut a hole in Sketchup ?

Cutting a hole in a surface in SketchUp is a straightforward process that involves creating a shape on the surface and then using the Push/Pull tool to create the hole. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Draw the Shape of the Hole

  1. Select the Surface: Click on the surface where you want to cut the hole.
  2. Draw the Shape: Use the drawing tools (e.g., Rectangle, Circle, Polygon) to draw the shape of the hole on the selected surface.
    • To draw a rectangle, select the Rectangle tool and click to set two opposite corners of the rectangle.
    • To draw a circle, select the Circle tool, click to set the center, and drag to set the radius.

2. Cut the Hole

  1. Select the Push/Pull Tool: Click on the Push/Pull tool in the toolbar (or press P on your keyboard).
  2. Push Through the Surface: Click on the shape you drew and drag the shape through the surface to create the hole. Make sure to drag the shape all the way through the surface until it exits the opposite side.

3. Clean Up (if needed)

  1. Delete Extra Geometry: Sometimes, depending on the complexity of your model, you may need to clean up extra edges or faces that were created during the process. You can use the Eraser tool to remove any unwanted edges or faces.
  2. Check Both Sides: Ensure that the hole is clean on both sides of the surface. Sometimes, small edges or faces can remain, which can be deleted using the Select tool and the Delete key.

Tips for Success

  • Inference Points: Use SketchUp’s inference points (the guidelines that appear when you draw) to ensure your shape is accurately placed on the surface.
  • Precision: You can type in exact dimensions while drawing shapes or using the Push/Pull tool for precise control.
  • Groups and Components: If you are working on a complex model, consider making the surface a group or component before cutting the hole. This can help prevent other geometry from being affected.


  1. Create a Rectangle Hole:
    • Select the Rectangle tool.
    • Draw a rectangle on the surface.
    • Select the Push/Pull tool and click on the rectangle.
    • Push the rectangle through the surface until it exits the other side.
  2. Create a Circular Hole:
    • Select the Circle tool.
    • Draw a circle on the surface.
    • Select the Push/Pull tool and click on the circle.
    • Push the circle through the surface until it exits the other side.

By following these steps, you can easily cut holes of various shapes into surfaces in SketchUp. This technique is useful for creating windows, doors, or any other openings in your 3D models.

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