Learning Resources:

  1. SketchUp Campus: Free courses and tutorials covering all skill levels. SketchUp Campus
  2. YouTube Channel: SketchUp’s official YouTube channel with tutorials and tips. SketchUp YouTube Channel
  3. Books: Resources on Amazon or Google Books by authors like Aidan Chopra, Bonnie Roskes, and Daniel Tal.
  4. LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com): Online courses on SketchUp and related topics. LinkedIn Learning SketchUp Courses
  5. Udemy: Offers a variety of SketchUp courses for different skill levels. Udemy SketchUp Courses
  6. Coursera: Provides courses on SketchUp and 3D modeling from universities worldwide. Coursera SketchUp Courses
  7. SketchUp Community: Engage with other users on platforms like Reddit, Facebook groups, and forums.

Extensions and Plugins:

  1. SketchUp Extension Warehouse: Repository of plugins and extensions to enhance SketchUp’s functionality. Extension Warehouse
  2. Sketchucation Forum: Community-driven forum for SketchUp users to share and discuss. Sketchucation Forum

Models and Textures:

  1. SketchUp 3D Warehouse: Repository of user-generated models for SketchUp projects. 3D Warehouse
  2. Textures.com: Library of high-quality textures for 3D modeling and rendering. Textures.com
  3. SketchUp Texture Club: Offers textures, materials, and tutorials specifically for SketchUp users. SketchUp Texture Club
  4. TurboSquid: Marketplace for 3D models, including SketchUp models, textures, and assets. TurboSquid
  5. CGTrader: Another marketplace for 3D models, textures, and assets. CGTrader


  1. Amazon: Find a variety of SketchUp books, both digital and print versions. Amazon SketchUp Books
  2. Google Books: Access SketchUp books, including digital versions and previews. Google Books SketchUp

Educational Resources:

  1. SketchUp for Schools/Educators: Resources tailored for teaching and learning SketchUp in classrooms. SketchUp for Schools

Community Engagement:

  1. Local User Groups and Workshops: Find and join local SketchUp user groups or workshops through platforms like Meetup or community centers.
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